Whitepaper: Achieving Least Privilege in Azure

For Identity and Access Management (IAM) to be scalable, consistent and effective, organizations should consider a comprehensive solution that works in concert with their underlying security controls to enable visibility, protection, detection, remediation, audit and automation of security controls. Furthermore, it should leverage built-in operationalization features like maturity modeling, allowing organizations to effectively track progress at scale and over time.

This paper guides organizations either building or migrating applications to the public cloud on the importance of securing IAM data resident in Microsoft Azure. It starts by explaining the shared responsibility model, lays the foundation of achieving the PoLP and explains how to take security to the next level leveraging Ermetic’s unique identity-first approach.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How excessive access permissions enable a threat actor to steal sensitive data or delete parts of the infrastructure
  • How to begin your journey to least privilege on Azure
  • The steps to take for continuous enforcement of least privilege access 
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