CIOarena FinTech: Why Entitlements are the Cloud Problem Financial Institutions Need to Solve First

Transitioning to the cloud has its security challenges -- especially for financial, the most attack-targeted sector. Of these, the most critical challenge for you to address first is access risk. Excessive and misconfigured entitlements (permissions) are an open door to threat actors: a constant, looming source of data breaches. Least privilege policy enforcement is key -- but how do you cut through cloud complexity to apply it without hurting business? We will explain how full, actionable visibility into your cloud identities -- users, applications and resources -- is core to securely governing your cloud infrastructure. We will provide an understanding of how roles, groups, and policies come into manageable focus with the Ermetic platform. We will reveal the simplicity and ultra efficiency with which you -- and others tasked with it -- can control access in your multi-cloud environment and practice least privilege at scale.