On-Demand Webinar: 451 Research

Getting a Grip on Privileged Access in Public Cloud Infrastructure


The recent SolarWinds breach laid bare the seriousness of the risk of privileged access in cloud infrastructure environments. Privileged access is a must - both for human administrators and for third-party security and management software like SolarWinds. Yet managing privileges and entitlements in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud is exceedingly complex, spanning not just human users but also thousands of machine identities, roles and configurations. Studies have shown that improper management of identities, access and privileges are a leading cause of cloud security failures.

As you likely know well, this complexity makes it difficult to manage access permissions in the public cloud -- even more so as your organization expands to multiple cloud service providers.

At our recent webinar, we joined 451 Research Senior Research Analyst Garrett Bekker, to explore how to get a grip on improving your cloud infrastructure security with solutions that simplify and close gaps in entitlements management.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Gain granular visibility into the factors that impact entitlements in cloud infrastructure
  • Analyze access permissions in your environment including across 3rd party identity tools
  • Remediate excessive privileges and permissions with simplicity and confidence
  • Automate best practices
  • Understand how and why IAM, PAM, CSPM and other tools fall short


Garrett Bekker
Principal Analyst, Information Security
451 Research

Garrett Bekker is a Principal Analyst in the Information Security Practice at 451 Research. He brings a unique and diverse background, having viewed enterprise security from a variety of perspectives over the past 16 years. Garrett spent over 10 years as an equity research analyst at several investment banking firms, including Merrill Lynch, where he was the lead enterprise security analyst, in addition to covering infrastructure software and networking companies.

Garrett has also held sales and marketing roles with early stage enterprise security vendors, and prior to joining 451 Research worked at a boutique investment bank focused on M&A and fundraising for small-to-midsized technology companies. Throughout his career, Garrett has focused on a wide variety of subsectors within enterprise security, and is now focusing primarily on identity and access management (IAM) and data security, with a special interest in applying the former to the cloud, big data and IoT.

Garrett holds a BA in international studies (with honors) from the University at Buffalo, where he was a member of the varsity ice hockey team and learned how to drive a Zamboni. He also completed all coursework for a PhD in economics from the New School University and has completed undergraduate and graduate studies at McGill University and Cambridge University (Queens' College).

Arick Goomanovsky
Co-founder and Chief Business Officer

Arick is a tenured business leader with two decades of experience in strategy, technology, research, and leadership in government and the private sector. Prior to founding Ermetic, Arick was a co-founder of Sygnia Consulting, a cyber consulting and incident response firm which was acquired by Temasek Holdings for $250M.

Before Sygnia, Arick worked at McKinsey & Company in London, where he focused on strategy and operations. He served for 15 years in the IDF Intelligence Corps Unit 8200, where he held senior leadership positions from research to leading hundreds of cyber R&D experts. He received several awards for his unique contributions to national security. Arick earned a BSc in exact sciences (Talpiot program, cum laude), an MSc in mathematics from Hebrew University, and an MBA (cum laude) from INSEAD.


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