On-Demand: AWS Pen Testing Workshop

View Your AWS Environment Like Attackers Do


Understanding how attackers look at your cloud environment is instrumental to preventing them from getting in and moving laterally to unleash their plans. 

What many may not realize is that breaches and attack campaigns are often not one-off, “smash and grab” operations. Many go on for an average of almost a year (!). During that time, malicious actors are almost compelled to carry out certain actions to advance successfully toward their goals. This makes learning the stages of a cybersecurity campaign and an attacker's techniques vital to your ability to prepare for it, detect it and nip it in the bud. 

In this session we’ll use Pacu, a penetration testing framework developed and maintained by Rhino Security Labs, to demonstrate how attackers may act at each stage of an AWS environment attack. We will also show how you can uncover such activity using anomaly detection analysis. 

Watch our webinar to learn: 

  • The lifecycle stages of a cyber security attack and how they can be applied in an AWS environment 
  • How to use Pacu to pen test your AWS environment 
  • How to detect malicious activity using automated analysis of CloudTrail logs to find anomalies 

Presented by Lior Zatlavi, Ermetic Sr. Cloud Security Architect