On-Demand Webinar: CyberUnfiltered

Deconstructing the Attacker Mindset


Understanding the cyber attacker mindset is simultaneously one of the most crucial and underrated components of a security strategy. Many cybersecurity leaders don’t or are unable to apply this kind of thinking when creating a strategy to protect their organizations. 

Despite the considerable improvements and phenomenal advancements in cybersecurity technologies and tools, - if defenders don’t adopt proactive paradigms, attackers will continue to have the upper hand.  

Listen in on our expert discussion with Ermetic’s Head of Research Igal Gofman and Senior Cloud Security Architect Lior Zatlavi.  Igal and Lior discuss the attacker mindset with an unfiltered view from the trenches. 

Learn about the different profiles of attackers your enterprise network may face, their motivations and methods, and why and how to leverage better understanding as the bedrock of your cybersecurity strategy. 

Hosted by:
Lior Zatlavi, Sr. Cloud Security Architect, Ermetic 

Featured guest
Igal Gofman, Head of Research, Ermetic

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