The Gartner CIEM Hype

Exploring the Top Use Cases for CIEM

[On-Demand Webinar]

In this webinar we dive into the top reasons why Gartner featured Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management in this year’s hype cycles for Cloud Security and IAM.

Elie Abn-Moha, Chief IT Security Officer at Publicis Groupe, and Or Priel, VP Product Management at Ermetic, will discuss the need for CIEM and the way it is used by enterprises today, including:

  • Mitigating IAM risk including exposure to sensitive resources, dangerous privileges, inactive users
  • Managing developer and DevOps access to cloud infrastructure
  • Governing third-party access including security and optimization platforms
  • Reducing the IAM attack surface and achieving a least-privilege architecture by removing excessive permissions
  • Protecting access to sensitive resources by exposing all possible access
  • Resolving organizational disconnects between security, development and DevOps
  • Privacy Compliance, ensuring only the right people have access to your customer data
About our Hosts:

Elie Aben Moha: Chief IT Security Officer for Publicis Groupe, a global leader in advertising, media buying, data-driven marketing and digital business transformation. Elie leads the Global Security Office (GSO) protecting the organization against cyber threats, ensuring compliance to security regulations and managing a center of excellence supporting client and product delivery services.

Or Priel: Or has years of experience in cybersecurity. Prior to joining Ermetic as VP Product Management, Or worked for Palo Alto networks for over six years, leading projects in various roles. Prior to his tenure there, he worked for CyVera, a cybersecurity company later acquired by Palo Alto Networks. During his military service, Or served as a captain in a special ops unit of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps.

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