On-Demand: Fireside chat with Gerhard Eschelbeck

Of birds, bees -- and cloud native controls to protect your hive


Beehives and public cloud environments have much in common: both are superorganisms with huge numbers of entitled identities communicating and collaborating to achieve their mission. And both face ominous threats outside the hive and in.

As keeper of your cloud infrastructure, what approach and practices will secure your complex environment of users, services and permissions? Ermetic invited Gerhard Eschelbeck, cybersecurity expert, former Google exec and active beekeeper, for an energizing Q&A on the urgency of the shift underway to cloud-native self driving security controls.

In this webinar, Gerhard shares his take on cloud native automation as the technology of our time for minimizing privilege risk, governing access complexity and closing other security gaps at scale.

About Gerhard

Gerhard Eschelbeck, former Google Vice President Security & Privacy Engineering (CISO) is a proven information technology executive with strong operational and strategic experience, Eschelbeck has launched innovative and successful companies and has built high-performance multi-national teams in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on network and system security, Eschelbeck was invited to present his research in information security to the U.S. Congress and is a frequent speaker at major industry conferences. Eschelbeck is also a highly regarded author and is well-known for publishing the “Laws of Vulnerabilities.” He is one of the inventors of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and holds numerous patents in the field of managed network security. Eschelbeck previously held CTO positions at Sophos, Webroot and Qualys.

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