On-Demand: Ransomware Workshop

Take Action: How to Kick the S3 Bucket Ransomware Threat Caused by Misconfigurations


Ransomware is a leading threat facing organizations. Bad actors can execute ransomware on misconfigured AWS S3 buckets in a multitude of ways. The threat is near-impossible to detect using out-of-the-box tools due to complex configuration combinations (spanning, among other things, networking, machine settings, bucket policies and ACLs, IAM policies and IAM user security settings).

In this webinar, Ermetic Senior Cloud Security Architect Lior Zatlavi outlines the specifics of how ransomware can wreak havoc on misconfigured S3 buckets and offers strategies to reduce your ransomware exposure.

You will learn about:

  • Key techniques that attackers can use to perform ransomware due to misconfigurations
  • Common misconfigurations issues exposing environments to such threats
  • Challenges in processing the complexity to identify and mitigate such misconfigurations
  • Native AWS tools designed to help protect S3 buckets
Watch on-demand, and take away a clear understanding of where your potential S3 risk lies, as well as concrete actions for decreasing exposure and limiting the damage should a ransomware breach take place.

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