Why Entitlements Are Essential to Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure

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This year more than ever before, everyone is ramping up their cloud use. Do you know what to prioritize to protect your cloud infrastructure from risk?

By 2023, 75% of cloud security breaches will be due to inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges [Gartner]. Understanding, remediating and preventing risky and excessive permissions to resources is the new priority for any organization shifting to cloud. The challenge is enormous, with the number of services exploding and access permissions in the thousands. Multi cloud makes life even more complex for security practitioners given that every CSP has a different approach to permissions management.

Or Priel, Ermetic's VP Product Management, taught the audience at the Cyber Risk Alliance IAM Summit how to manage identities and privileges, build least privilege policy and reduce access risk in AWS and Azure. In his presentation, he covers:

  • Azure’s RBAC vs AWS’s IAM roles and policies
  • Governing access and protecting sensitive resources
  • Strategies for enforcing least privilege
  • Automation and analytics in mitigating risks across clouds





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