Understanding the Cloud Security Maturity Model Framework

[On Demand]
In cloud security, the stakes are high -- and so may be your blood pressure! With so many different variables to consider when designing and implementing a security strategy, you need a clear framework for setting priorities and building a plan of action.

Best practices and compliance standards are a good first step. But they don’t give you a tool for assessing the maturity of your current cloud security practices and a roadmap for continuous improvement.

We created a modern framework that defines the key guidelines for a comprehensive cloud security strategy. These guidelines can be applied in stages because one of the biggest challenges you face when securing your cloud environment is maturing the entire organization and its infrastructure - and this CAN’T be done in a single bound.

Our framework is lightweight and easy to understand and serves as a guide for prioritizing and implementing security controls and procedures in a way that makes stakeholders open to collaborating with you.

We call it the Ermetic Cloud Security Maturity Model.

In this on-demand webinar we unveil our model and explain how to adopt it to:

  • Gain a clear picture of where your organization currently stands on its path to a secure cloud environment
  • Design the cloud security strategy for your enterprise in reachable, practical and clear milestones
  • Create a common language between various stakeholders in your organization and getting them on-board
Presented by Lior Zatlavi, Ermetic Sr. Cloud Security Architect