On-Demand Webinar: 5 Ways to Reduce Risk from AWS IAM User Access Keys

Cutting Down IAM User Access Keys Risk in AWS Can Be Your Quickest Security Win


Misused AWS IAM user access keys are one of the lowest -- and most effective – hanging fruits that attackers abuse to get initial (or further) access to cloud environments. Such credentials are the main culprit for some of the most damaging breaches of the past few years.

What’s ironic about this very common configuration is that a more secure, approachable and easy-to-implement alternative is often available. And even when not, using such credentials safely is fairly easy to get right. The problem is that they’re much easier to get WRONG – and the difference can be huge for you.

Join us for a review of some past breaches caused by poor IAM user access key management in AWS. We will also discuss what you, as a defender, can do today to prevent incorrect usage in your accounts, detect and remediate past mistakes – and even leverage the Ermetic platform to do the heavy lifting for you.

Presented by Lior Zatlavi, Ermetic Senior Cloud Security Architect

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