Whitepaper: Holistic Security for AWS, Azure and GCP -- from Development to Deployment

Cloud infrastructure is likely your new data center. It’s also an attacker’s playground. To secure your cloud environment and reduce your attack surface, you must cut through the layers of cloud complexity to identify and remediate risk – and scale least privilege. How can you achieve this effectively? Enter holistic cloud security. A platform that provides integrated cloud-native application protection (CNAPP) from development to deployment enables teams to stay on top of risk effectively and efficiently. CNAPP solutions automate cloud infrastructure security operations and compliance, and provide essential security capabilities. They unify full asset discovery, deep risk analysis, runtime threat detection and audit reporting, and empower stakeholders with pinpoint visualization, guided recommendations and security collaboration. 

Read this whitepaper to learn how a comprehensive, holistic cloud security platform can help you:

  • Find & address prioritized gaps quickly, reducing your cloud’s attack surface
  • Simplify complexity with meaningful visualization & automated remediation
  • Secure cloud identities, permissions and secrets, and enforce least privilege 
  • Detect threats and accelerate incident response
  • Democratize cloud security across teams including development
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