ESG Whitepaper: The Crucial Role of Entitlements for Effective Cloud Security

esgAs organizations leverage cloud services and modern development practices for faster release cycles, security teams need solutions that help identify and remediate misconfigurations effectively and efficiently, without slowing down development. This is a tall order. Cloud security posture management (CSPM) solutions help security teams find and fix misconfiguration issues. But their effectiveness in securing a cloud environment is diminished if they cannot address security issues relating to cloud identities and entitlements.

Using a CSPM solution incorporating an understanding of the full stack of cloud infrastructure elements—including all human and service identities, entitlements, and resources in the environment—can provide security stakeholders with the context needed to effectively audit compliance, reduce the cloud attack surface, and deliver the least privilege access that industry standards require. While CSPM vendors may offer some cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM) features, this paper will examine the challenges and describe what to look for in a solution that fully incorporates CIEM for a more effective CSPM strategy.

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